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Hopefully I am not the last person to announce that there’s a new cosmetics brand in Guardian outlets (about 36 outlets, so I was told) since a month ago. I just spotted it this morning at Guardian KLCC. Catrice has so many products especially the mascaras and nail polish! Prices are very reasonable as almost everything is below RM50!

I tried a mascara for volumizing, it’s pretty good but I need the waterproof version. The second last product I spotted were the limited edition Blush Pearls (of which there is only one left) – immediately I thought this was the drugstore version of Guerlain Meteorites but this one doesn’t have as many colours as Meteorites.

The last product I checked out because it was tucked away in a corner next to the Blush Pearls was Catrice Iridiscent Topper. Such a tiny bottle. I was intrigued, initially thinking it was a nail product.

According to the description of this product in the Catrice website, this topper stands for one of the biggest trends in 2014: 3D-shimmer effects. The quick-drying liquid in a soft rosé-gold is applied on top of your eyeshadow or used as a highlighter for your body and face to intensify any styling.



Catrice Iridiscent Topper has minute particles of gold within a liquid : shake well before using

Would this be like the liquid version of Dior Mono Show Mirror? I’ve got to have products like this to jazz up my eye shadows. I need shimmer in my life and this looked promising! The bottle cap is attached to a dropper which makes for easy dispensation and one drop is all you need, talk about good mileage.

bef catrice

after catrice

Oh yes, there was subtle rose-gold shimmer all right. It gives the Dior Fusion Mono Mirror a run for the money since the effect is more or less the same at 1/5 the price. I am sooooo in love with this right now. Now excuse me while I go off and play with it some more.

All Catrice products are currently on discount. This product retails at RM19.70 after the discount.


  1. I hope this brand will be carried by some of the Guardians up north very soon. So far I have not seen it here. I think this brand is related to the other budget brand known as Essence.

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