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Ever had an eyeshadow palette you appreciated even more as time goes by? After not having used Urban Decay’s Mariposa palette for quite some time, I started using it again as I was looking for Gunmetal shadow and so happens, the shade is in the Mariposa palette.

I love the colour pay-off offered by UD shadows which is why I use them a few times a week. In fact, I have been using UD shadows more than any other brands’ lately. My favourite combination in this palette is with Gunmetal, Money and Mushroom.


urb decay


The combination of these 3 shades is so beautiful. Gunmetal has to be my favourite UD shade of all as it goes so well with anything, even purple shades and as for Money, I love the pale green. Mushroom is a neutral shade which is not at all boring. The amount of pigments in these shadow is simply fantastic.


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