First Impressions Of Samsung Galaxy A34 5G

Matte back panel
Samsung Galaxy A34 5G Awesome Violet

In 2021, I bought the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G and last year the Samsung Galaxy A33 became my 2nd phone. A week ago, the newly launched Samsung Galaxy A34 5G joined my 2 other A Series phones. It’s great having 3 phones from the same Series. My new phone is in Awesome Violet, a colour I like very much as it’s a purple shade and that makes it all the more special for me as it’s my favourite colour. The other available colours are Awesome Silver, Awesome Lime and Awesome Graphite. I read somewhere that Silver is an awesome colour for the phone as it becomes iridiscent in sunlight so you will see rainbow colours only on the Silver variant.

Feels more expensive than it actually is
Violet really is awesome
USB Cable & Ejection Pin

This phone has a more sleek finish than the Galaxy A32 5G and A33 5G. If you have both the A32 5G and A33 5G, one look at the A34 5G and you will know the design is a huge improvement. The design is worth the RM1,599 price tag.

With a 6.6″ Super Amoled Display, this phone is the right size for me. Not too big nor too small. It’s comfortable to hold and fits nicely into my pocket. Yes, I do prefer to put phones into my pockets for easy accessibility. It’s just much more convenient that way and maybe I am not the only person who thinks so. It weighs 199g, just under 200g means it won’t weigh down pockets. Surprisingly, the A34 5G has a slightly bigger screen than the A54 %G. The A34 5G screen looks very clear and bright and since I own the A33 5G, I can tell you images look much sharper on the A34 5G.

Just to compare, the Galaxy A32 5G has a 6.5″ display, the Galaxy A33 5G has a 6.4″ display and they weigh 205gm and 186gm respectively. When I feel/touch the A34 5G, it just gives me the impression that it’s more premium than the A32 5G and A33 5G.

The Galaxy A34 5G has a 5,000mAh (typical) battery, it is long-lasting and fast charging. The battery lasts more than 2 days so if you are going to a place where you are unable to charge your phone for a day or two, the battery in this phone won’t run out fast.

I have been using the Smart Switch and Quick Share features on all my Galaxy phones. These are really useful as with Smart Switch, I can transfer all the data from my old to new phone and with Quick Share, I can transfer files and photos between phones. It’s just so much easier for me to have all Samsung phones thanks to such time-saving features.

Matte back panel

Quick Share

Storage is a lot bigger at 256GB on the A34 5G while the A32 5G and A33 5G only had 128GB. As I take a lot of photos at media events, bigger storage capacity is much appreciated. I’m going to go into more detail in my 2nd review next week especially on the camera as I have only had this lovely phone for exactly a week and these are just my preliminary observations.