Watsons Presents R U Tough Enough?



Watsons Malaysia presents a battle of the sexes competition, with male and female contestants facing off against one another in a series of physically demanding and emotionally enduring challenges. In collaboration with KIX HD (Astro Channel 729) and Astro, Watsons brings back the R U Tough Enough? The Battle of the Sexes Edition and crowning Malaysia’s toughest who will walk away with the grand prize of RM30,000.

This year, KIX HD and Astro will go beyond the stereotypes and run a battle of the sexes competition. At the media launch this morning, celebrated radio talent and fitness enthusiast Linora Low and Keith Foo were introduced as the two ambassadors to emphasize on this year’s theme of “Men versus Women”. The ambassadors will lead %TeamLinora and #TeamKeith respectively in the challenge to determine which gender is the toughest.


As part of the recruitment for R U Tough Enough?, KIX HD will send their Tough Troopers to several hotspots in Klang Valley to challenge individuals to demonstrate their toughness on the spot through a series of tests. R U Tough Enough? is open to all Malaysian residents aged 18 and above. To enter the contest, participants must first apply online at www.KIX-TV.com/tough. Ten tough individuals will be selected to compete in the final showdown for the title of “Malaysia’s Toughest” and winning the grand prize.