UGB Facial Essence Collagen Mask



I’m sure I have walked past the UGB outlet in Sunway Pyramid a number of times but never stopped to browse. There are just so many Korean beauty brands at Sunway Pyramid now, can’t keep up! Their Facial Essence Collagen Mask is presumably for anti-aging since it contains Collagen and Natto Gum and is for softening and firming skin.

The mask also contains Ginkgo Biloba and Panax Ginseng Extracts, there seem to be quite a few botanical extracts in the formula. Each mask contains 25ml of essence. The mask was saturated with essence and remained so during the hour I had it on my face. It’s not very thin, it was easy to unfold the mask without tearing it.

ugb mask

Thanks to the amount of essence  in this mask, it felt very moisturising and my skin was definitely softened. As for the firming effects, I am sure it’s going to take more than a few masks to see those effects (if at all).

UGB Facial Essence Collagen Mask retails at RM198.80 for a box of 8 sachets. This sachet was in MIVVA’s latest box.



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