So Tropical And Nice, It Must Be Born In Paradise



The Escada girl illustrated on the brand’s EDTs lives a glamorous life as she jet-sets all over the world. Part of the appeal of Escada EDTs has always been the colourful illustrations on their boxes which shows the Escada girl in one exotic location after another. Born In Paradise EDT shows the Escada girl in a garden of colour with a parrot on her right shoulder.

Born In Paradise is the perfect summer fragrance, it is inspired by tropical climates and the scent is limited edition. The scent reminds me of a fruit cocktail, it is actually inspired by the Pina Colada cocktail so anyone who loves fruity scents will adore this fragrance.




This is a very cheerful fragrance, not just for the young but also for the young-at -heart. It’s for women who are constantly on the move, women who are successful at playing different roles yet can still find the time to hang out with their girlfriends for a fun night out with (of course!) a Pina Colada.

Born In Paradise speaks of balmy nights (and days) in a tropical climate where flora and fauna are everywhere. The scent is quite long-lasting for a EDT as the scent still lingers on my skin after a long day. It’s a beautiful scent in a yet another visually appealing Escada EDT bottle.

Product reviewed has been provided by P & G Prestige.