dscn05371Tanamera Toning Green Coffee Body Soap is especially formulated to help tone loose and flabby skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite and at the same time shape the body to a slimmer silhouette. Green Coffee oil combined with a slendering blend phytocomplex and Seaweed extract provides a holistic and natural way to a slimmer and toned physique. Nope, I haven’t gained a slimmer silhouette using this soap but it’s rather nice because it has a grainy surface so feels like skin is being exfoliated.

There’s a recommended way of using this soap to reduce cellulite – wet skin and massage Tanamera Toning Green Coffee Body soap to cellulite prone areas with firm circular movement. Leave for a few seconds and rinse with water. Best used twice a day. Didn’t do that, just used it like normal soap.

Tanamera Toning Green Coffee Body Soap is RM21.80/100g.

Product reviewed is a press sample.