Superdrug Toiletries


Taste Supermarket at Festival Walk, Kowloon carries a small range of Superdrug toiletries which are relatively inexpensive but really overpriced when you consider how much they are priced in UK! I couldn’t resist and came away with these trio of bath products – Plum & Red Cherry Shower Gel, Coconut & Shea Butter Body Polish and Coconut & Shea Butter Shower Creme. I’d have bought more but for the fact that I’d have to lug them all the way to Shatin, my next destination.

Plum & Red Cherry Shower Gel was a no-brainer choice because I liked the scent most of all. I was choosing between this and Mango & Papaya Shower Gel but it didn’t take me long to decide because the former had a stronger scent while I thought the Mango & Papaya Shower Gel scent was too mild.

As you can see from the image above, it’s very fluid so I end up using more than I would if the gel was slightly thicker. It didn’t go a long way or as long a way as I wanted. It produces a satisfactory lather, nothing fantastic but it’s the scent that lingers on my hands afterwards that makes me not regret the purchase although I wouldn’t go so far as to declare a repurchase.

Retailed at HKD15.90.

This was the only body scrub I could find on the shelves and this was the only one left so it had to be good, no? Nice scent when I opened the cap, this one is pricier than the shower gels/cremes but I guess the fact that it is a scrub justified the higher price?

It is very creamy with fine granules and should suit sensitive skins as I can feel hardly any exfoliating action. I mean, it’s just a smooth paste which doesn’t really do much. Skin softened? Nope. Skin smoothened? Negative.

Retailed at HKD25.90.

Since I’d decided to get the Coconut & Shea Butter Body Polish, I just had to get the Coconut & Shea Butter Shower Creme to complement the exfoliant. Besides, the scent was appealing to me as it was tropical and fresh.

Coconut & Shea Butter Shower Creme is probably the best product of the 3 I bought as it is thick and creamy so I squeeze out less than the Plum & Red Cherry Shower Gel (this one finished too quickly). It also produces a bit more lather than the Plum & Red Cherry and the scent lingers for some time on my hands after my shower.

Retailed at HKD15.90.

All products are 200ml.