Slowly But Surely With Cle De Peau’s Intensive Facial Contour Serum


When a skincare product is from a luxury brand, you expect fast results, if not instantaneous. That’s how I felt about Cle De Peau’s Intensive Facial Contour Serum which contains Chestnut Rose Extract and Skin Gravity Supporting Complex to address the causes of sagging and loss of skin elasticity.

Being at an age where I badly need any skincare products which have anti-ageing benefits, I had high expectations of the CDP Intensive Facial Contour Serum. I wanted to see the difference after the first application.

Surprisingly, the serum comes in a nondescript, minimalist looking, long tube which doesn’t exactly scream luxury but the fact that it is ensconsced in a cloth pouch tells me this ain’t no ordinary skincare product from the drugstore.

The texture of the serum is very light and it spreads with ease over my face. Absorption is very fast and it doesn’t feel sticky at all. It has a slight floral scent which is quite pleasant. My skin feels moisturised enough for me not to want to apply moisturiser over it.

After one month of using the serum, I didn’t feel any difference to my skin other than it being moisturised and smooth so I enquired about the effects at the CDP counter in Isetan, KLCC. I was told that to maximise its efficacy, I should adhere to the following massage steps:

1) Face Contour

Lift the face contour upward by using the entire length of the thumb and four fingers (3x)

2) Mouth Contour

Using the entire length of the four fingers (other than the thumb), lift the face from the mouth corners to the front of the ears, passing under the cheekbones (3x)

3) Eye Contour

Using the middle and ring fingers, trace the eye contour from the inner eye corners to the temples with lifting motions (3)

4) Entire face

Using the entire palm, cup the cheeks and lift from the chin to the temples (3x)

Sure enough, after I followed these steps for the next month and a half, my face looked firmer and felt more supple. The serum improved the elasticity and resilience of my skin, this was confirmed by a skin analysis test at another brand’s counter.

Priced at RM470 for 40ml, this isn’t a serum for the budget conscious but it can stretch your RM because only a small amount (less than 1/2 an inch) is required for each application so there was still a fair amount of serum in the tube well into the 3rd month of using this product.

Note : Product was provided by PR for review.