Sizing Up Samples : Benefit’s b.right! Radiant Skincare

The complete b.right! range

About a week and a half ago, Benefit’s new b.right! Radiant Skincare range became available in Malaysia. I received an invitation to collect a set of samples from one of their counters for the purposes of this review. The sampler set consisted of 8.9ml Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF15 PA++, 8.9g Foamingly Clean Facial Wash & 3g It’s Potent! Brightening Eye Cream.

The day before I collected the samples, I’d already sighted the entire collection at another one of their counters. I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging, it looked so fresh and retro. The packaging seemed to hark back to an earlier era and when I saw the Facial Emulsion bottle, childhood memories resurfaced. I recalled seeing a similar looking bottle sitting on an aunt’s dressing table back in the 1970s but I can’t remember the brand of the moisturiser she used.

Sample box
L to R – Facial Emulsion, Facial Wash & Eye Cream

Anyway, Benefit’s b.right! Radiant Skincare emphasises on hydration and so the packaging reflects that. The light blue colour that is prevalent in the packaging gives a cool image and a presumption that using the products will quench skin’s thirst.

There are 4 categories in this new range:-


(1) Foamingly Clean Facial Wash (127.5g/RM90)

Product Description : 1-step gentle facial wash

(2) Refined Finish Facial Polish (127.5g/RM95)

Product Description : smoothest surface facial exfoliator

(3) Remove It Makeup Remover (177.4ml/RM90)

Product Description : oil-free makeup remover


(1) Triple PerformingFacial Emulsion SPF15 PA++ (50.3ml/RM120)

Product Description : sheer oil-free facial lotion SPF 15 PA++ with tri-radiance complex

(2) Total Moisture Facial Cream (48.2g/RM160)

Product Description : hydra-concentrated facial cream with tri-radiance complex

(3) Moisture Prep Toning Lotion (177.4ml/RM129)

Product Description : smoothing lotion to prep face for moisturiser


It’s Potent! Eye Cream (14.2g/RM135)

Product Description : brightening eye cream to fade dark circles


Ultra Radiance Facial Re-hydrating Mist (133.1ml/RM110)

Product Description : instant re-moisturizing mist with tri-radiance complex

l to R – Facial Wash, Facial Emulsion & Eye Cream

As I mentioned earlier, the samples in the trial kit are the Facial Wash, Facial Emulsion & Eye Cream so I shall focus mainly on these 3 products although I have tried the rest of the skincare at the Benefit counter. All the samples are mini replicas of the full sized products. Even the box containing the samples is beautifully designed. I will probably keep all the containers once they are empty as they are one of the loveliest and cutest samples I have seen.

(1) Foamingly Clean Facial Wash

It’s said to contain amino acids and plant derivatives to enhance skin’s moisture retention. It does remove foundation, powder (not eye makeup) and blusher effectively. There isn’t a lot of lather or foam but it is really very gentle. Skin feels hydrated afterwards sans any tightness. Has a lovely scent which makes cleansing a pleasure.

(2) Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF15 PA++

The Benefit Beauty Advisor who took me through the entire range told me that this is their sunscreen but SPF15 is hardly adequate unless you are staying indoors all day. This moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid, plant extracts and Vitamin E. It’s much lighter in texture than the Facial Cream which is ideal as a night moisturizer or for those with really dry skins. Those with oily skins should look at the Facial Emulsion rather than the Facial Cream.

Personally, I prefer the thinner texture of the Facial Emulsion. Again, the moisturizers have the signature b.right! scent which I like. Since my skin isn’t super dehydrated, the hydration from the Facial Emulsion is enough for me, be it for day or night usage but of course, since it has sunscreen, I reserve it for day use but pile a higher SPF sunscreen over it.

(3) It’s Potent! Eye Cream

This Eye Cream contains burnet which is a herb for soothing skin irritations, it has a cooling effect on skin apparently. It also contains apple extract to help boost collagen & loquat extract to help protect skin from free radical damage. There’s sodium hyaluronate and a peptide complex for promoting skin elasticity and firmness.

Although creamy in texture, it’s a light cream which is absorbed rapidly into my eye area. It feels quite hydrating and causes no irritations to my eyes. I can’t say whether there is an improvement to my dark circles or eye bags based on this tiny sample. The scent in this eye cream is not as strong as the scent in the other products above.

Overall Comments

My favourite product in the range is the Facial Mist as it feels cool upon contact with my skin. Makeup stayed put even when I spritzed the Mist a few times. The Beauty Advisor said I should place a tissue on my face to absorb the residues immediately after spritzing. I found the scent to be very refreshing.

The Refined Finish Facial Polish is also worth a mention. It has very fine granules and although I didn’t try it on my face, it didn’t feel harsh on the back of my hands. I like my facial exfoliators to have nice scents and this one fits the bill.

There are so many brands with hydrating skincare right now. Why choose b.right! Radiance Skincare? Well, you might love the scent or simply the fact that your skin agrees with the products and they provide sufficient hydration all day and night. In any case, check them out at your nearest Benefit counter. The Beauty Advisors I have encountered so far at Robinson’s and 1Utama have been extremely nice and helpful without being pushy.