RMK Ingenious Cream & Powder Eyes



As I mentioned earlier, the highlight of RMK Autumn Layering Colors 2013 A/W Collection is the Ingenious Cream & Powder Eyes. In the past, I’ve often found RMK eyeshadows to be too sheer for my liking but with the Ingenious Cream & Powder Eyes, colours are more intense especially if you layer the shadow over the corresponding cream shadow.

The Ingenious Cream & Powder Eyes is a 2-in-1 product with the cream shadow on top and powder shadow beneath it. It’s rather convenient to have it as a set and it does look quite good as you don’t even have to completely detach the top from the bottom. The top part swivels so that you can get to the shadow. It comes with a brush but I haven’t touched it as I prefer to use fingers.



Colour is buildable so I can go from a light shade of green to a deep, forest green. The texture is lovely to work with as it’s so smooth and blendable. No tugging of my eyelids at all and it lasts all day, no fading. Quality is excellent and I am sorely tempted to get another shade, i.e. purple but the price at RM144/3g is a major deterrent.

RMK Ingenious Cream & Powder Eyes 04 Silver Green reviewed is a press sample.