Q & A With MAC Director Of Makeup Artistry James Molloy : MAC Autumn Winter 2015 Trends



Having a MAC Director of Artistry present the seasonal trends is a big deal as we’d be lucky to have someone in that position come over even once a year to share their knowledge and experience with us. James Molloy’s 1st presentation in Malaysia was in January 2013 for MAC Spring Summer 2013 Trends. Yesterday, James brought to life the AW15 trends that rocked international runways as it happened in New York, London, Milan and Paris. This season James was the makeup director for Sass and Bide in London as well as working backstage at Haider Ackerman, Simone Rocha, Mary Katranzou and Ann Demeulemesster. All time favourite MAC products of James are Lightful Softening Lotion, Lingering brow pencil, Soba eye shadow, Ruby Woo lipstick and lip pencil.

I had about 5 minutes of Q & A time with James after the MAC Autumn Winter 2015 Trends presentation.

In determining the trends for each season, what factors are taken into consideration and what does the process involve?

A lot of it starts with where the designers are at e.g. whether it’s femininity or androgyny. The MAC Directors will also show makeup artists new products and trends can be either product or designer driven. The Directors are open to suggestions from makeup artists.

In your opinion, is there a trend this season that is particularly well suited for Asian women to carry off?

Strength of Beauty transcends any culture and Red 70s showcases Asian women’s love for red matte lips.

Do you have a personal favourite among the AW15 Trends?

Beautiful And Damned as it has a Gothic British feel and the punk movement started in Britain (James is British).

Which upcoming MAC products are your favourites and why?

Studio Waterweight Foundation which is water-based, gives buildable light medium coverage and a luminous finish. It’s like Face & Body Foundation, only not as fluid. Also Dangerous Retro Matte Lipstick as it’s orange and so matte.


Do you think that in terms of makeup trends in general, it’s moving towards the concept of “less is more” and on concepts like “no makeup makeup” and that the emphasis is now on bare-faced beauty, that makeup is being used to correct imperfections and highlight natural beauty?

Fashion is obsessed with natural beauty while in real life, on Instagram and social media, a lot of makeup is used. I think it’s best to meet in the middle.

Do you have any tips for applying liner on the waterline and what is the best product to use for that?

Apply Technakohl Liner on the top and bottom of eyelids so that when you blink, the colour transfers.


Whenever you travel to various countries for the seasonal trend presentations, how do you keep your presentations fresh without it becoming monotonous and repetitive since you probably travel to a few countries within a week or two?

Each country has a different personality. In Japan where I was presenting tow weeks ago, they were more interested in the technology behind the products like the ingredients. In London, they like to know the inspiration and the story. In Malaysia, it’s about how to apply the products making them relatable.

Since this is your 2nd time presenting the seasonal trends in Malaysia, what have you seen in terms of makeup skills. Are Malaysian women applying to little or too much makeup?

My first impression is that women enjoy makeup here. In their daily life, makeup can be playful or polished. From a visitor’s viewpoint, I think that makeup is a celebration here, women here are not scared of colours.