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Image of Adam Zain courtesy of Biotherm Malaysia

One of the perks of blogging is getting to meet people from different industries, not just related to the beauty industry. A few weeks ago, Biotherm Malaysia invited me for a one-to-one interview with 8tv Quickie host, Adam Zain who has been using Biotherm Homme products since April 2013.  Adam is very affable and has a likeable personality which makes him the ideal tv host. Adam talks about his experience with Biotherm Homme products.

What was your skincare routine like before you started using Biotherm Homme?

It was very caveman-like as all I used was a cleanse, that was the extent of my skincare routine . I knew very little about skincare products before I was introduced to Biotherm Homme. When I started using more skincare products, it was a bit overwhelming but then I got into the routine and it was just like going through the motions. Once I started using the additional products, I could feel the difference quickly as my initial skincare routine was so basic.

What’s your opinion of the Biotherm Homme products? 

My first impression was it seemed a lot more skincare but surprisingly all the products felt so lightweight that it didn’t seem that overwhelming.


Total Perfector

What is your favourite Biotherm Homme product?

The Total Perfector as it is soothing, nice and calming, I like this one a lot. It is a one-stop solution. A lot of men neglect their skin. I had uneven skin and rough skin prior to using Total Perfector. With my face in front of the camera often, it focuses on every pore. Total Perfector works as a finisher (last step after all the other skincare have been applied). Men will find this very light, non-clogging, not gunky and comfortable. It doesn’t feel sticky and gives long-lasting hydration.


Adam’s day time skincare

What Biotherm Homme products do you use day and night?

For day time, I use Aquapower Oligo-Thermal Fresh Gel Ultra Cleansing, Aquapower Oligo-Thermal Refreshing Lotion, Moisturizing & Invigorating T-Pur Anti-Oil & Wet Mattifying Moisturizing Gel.


Adam’s night time skincare

For night time, I use the same products as day time with the exception of Moisturizing & Invigorating T-Pur Anti-Oil & Wet Mattifying Moisturizing Gel replaced with Oligo-Thermal Care Ultra Moisturizing and with the addition of the Total Perfector.

What are your skin concerns?

I have a lot of shoots which are mostly outdoors and involves me having to run around a lot. I spend a lot of time in the sun but also go back and forth indoors and outdoors. I feel like there’s a lot of dirt on my skin with all this activity.


Adam’s sunscreen

Do you apply sunscreen?

In the climate we live in, jumping from an air-conditioned environment to the heat can be very harsh to our skin so I do apply a sunscreen with SPF50.

What has applying a toner done for you?

I feel that a toner is a natural process to moisturiser. It is an essential step as it tightens my pores.

Which is your favourite moisturiser?

The Moisturizing & Invigorating T-Pur Anti-Oil & Wet Mattifying Moisturizing Gel as it mattifies skin and prevents excess sebum. I use this everyday.

What is your go-to product when you have acne?

The Purefect Skin Anti-Imperfection Targeted Solution.

What would you like to recommend to men who have not used Biotherm Homme?

Give Total Perfector a chance, every guy should take the opportunity to try this product. It has worked very well for me.

Is there any skincare you’d like to see introduced by Biotherm Homme?

No, I think Biotherm Homme has got it all covered. I am very satisfied with Total Perfector as it has softened my previously rough skin.


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