OXY Double Acne Formula



OXY recently introduced their latest acne formula, the new Double Acne Formula which gives ‘2X the Acne Fighting Power and 2X the Confidence’. The formula consists of the OXY Deep  Cleansing Wash and the OXY Blemish Control Moisturizer SPF15 which complement each other in combating acne.

OXY Deep  Cleansing Wash 50g/RM8.50 & 100g/RM13.90


OXY Deep Cleansing Wash consists of 2 main anti-pimple ingredients, i.e. the Salicylic Acid and Isopropyl Methylphenol (IPMP). Just a small amount can produce a lot of thick foam. This is a very economical face wash which can even remove my make-up (not eye make-up).

OXY Blemish Control Moisturizer SPF15 45g/RM14.90


This moisturizer is specially formulated for oily and acne prone skin. The 2 main anti-pimple ingredients that are included in this product are Salicylic Acid and AC. NET. Again this is an economical product because I find one pump to be too much. I have to pump it slowly because half a pump is already sufficient for my entire face. It’s a very light moisturizer ideal for oily skin types but those with dry skin like me will need a moisturizer which provides more hydration.

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  1. Dear Junipers Journal,

    Did you sale any of this product?

    I need it urgently. It really suit me well. but cant find any in the supermarket.

    Please help.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Linda,

      I don’t sell any product. Have you tried looking in drugstores such as Guardian and Watsons? Supermarkets don’t have as much skincare as drugstores.