Now I Know Why It’s Called Chu Lip



Initially I thought they called it “Chu Lip” because it is a play on the word “tulip” but I couldn’t be more wrong. I just received this cute Pink Chu Lip together with the press release which explains everything. I should have guessed that eventually I would receive at least one Chu Lip for review but I just couldn’t resist getting the Green Chu Lip.

So “Chu” means “kiss” in Japanese. Should have guessed since the lip balm is made in Japan and as we know, Japanese are into all things kawaii. There are four variants of this dome shaped lip balm:-

1. Pink – Paris, Perfect Memories (sweet berry scent of raspberry and peach)

2. Red – NY, Brilliant My Way (fruity scent of apple, ginger, tea rose)

3. Purple – Arabian, Floral Shower (floral scent of rose, geranium and clove)

4. Green – Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia (fruity scent of orange, lime and mango).

They retail at RM25.90 but look out for discounted prices.



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