Nouvelle Lively Hair Colour


dscn2288Browsing after lunch at the hair products shop where I recently purchased Sofei Scalp Renew Treatment, the owner of the shop recommended Nouvelle Lively Hair Colour when she saw my damaged hair. Nouvelle Lively Hair Colour has a special formula, with no ammonia or parabens, does not attack hair and does not irritate scalp. Lively is a nourishing treatment that takes care of hair with its natural active ingredients.

Nouvelle Lively Hair Colour  contains two beauty allies from nature: sweet almond oil and lotus flower, known since ancient times for their soothing, emollient, moisturising and rejuvenating properties. I chose a violet shade. The 100ml tube is bigger than the average hair colour but even then, my stylist at Trendz Hair Studio informed me that she’d need to use her hair colour as what was in the Lively tube wasn’t enough.

No strong chemical scent and didn’t irritate my scalp, this hair colour felt gentle. The only downside is that the shades aren’t very exciting. Even my violet shade looked quite dark but I have to choose products that are kind to my hair.




I think that the shade isn’t that boring, neither is it a terribly exciting shade but it was worth trying out this hair colour from Italy. Nouvelle Lively Hair Colour retails at RM42.


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