Melvita Rose Nectar® Moisturizing Mask



Melvita’s Rose Nectar® range harnesses 100% of the active molecules. The collection was first introduced in May 2012. Initially, there were just four products – Cleansing Milk, Micellar Water, Hydrating Facial Gel and Moisturizing Rose Nectar. Then in January 2013, there were two new additions – Milky Cleansing Oil and Fresh Eye Contour Gel. In April 2013, the Moisture-Replenishing Night Nectar joined the range.

In September 2013, there will be two new additions – Moisturizing Mask & Rose Petal Shower Dew. The Rose Nectar® Moisturizing Mask is creamy yet lightweight. It contains some of the best varieties of roses from around the world such as rosa centifolia, rosa canina and rosa damascene.


To enhance the mask’s efficacy, you can apply some facial oil before applying the mask. Skin will feel a lot softer and more hydrated after 5-10 minutes. This mask smells so good, it’s like applying crushed rose petals to my skin. Sublime scent!

Melvita Rose Nectar® Moisturizing Mask retails at RM120/50ml.

Melvita Rose Nectar® Moisturizing Mask has been provided by Melvita Malaysia for review.


    • It smells even better if you use a facial oil underneath the mask. A thin layer of oil will do and no, it won’t make the mask smell weird because the scent of roses is quite strong.