Make Up For Ever Aqua Seal Down The Sink



It’s always been on my mind to review Make Up For Ever Aqua Seal which I have been using for some time. Not every day but I use it often and it stretches for ages because all one needs is one drop to transform any powder and pencil formulas into smudge-proof, long-lasting makeup.

It’s really easy to use, all you have to do is apply some powder to the back of your hand, place a drop on the powder and voila! you get a more vibrant and long-lasting formula. Underneath the black cap is a stopper which dispenses just a drop at a time.


A few days ago, I opened the black cap and poured what I assumed would be a drop on to the back of my hand and suddenly felt a gush of liquid. I was so shocked, quickly upended the bottle and to my utter horror, almost all the remaining Aqua seal had gone down the sink because the stopper had become stuck to the black cap. Is this even supposed to happen with a product from a brand like Make Up For Ever? Now I have only 2ml of the product left and I can’t even go back and get another bottle because this is one of those brands with whom I have no quid pro quo! The product made my hand feel so sticky that I had to wash it 3x before it all came off. I am really unhappy about losing just about all of it no thanks to defective packaging.