MAC Fluidline Pen



All of us know about MAC Fluidlines but you need to use a brush with them and that can be troublesome and time-consuming as you have to clean your brush and spend extra on the brush. Now you can have the same effect with MAC Fluidline Pen so it’s become very convenient.

The Fluidline Pens come in 4 shades – Indelibly Blue (deep navy blue), Retro Black (black but not intense black), Vintage Brown (deep dark brown) and Privet (sea green). Of the 4, I like Privet the most and it’s the most outstanding of the lot.



While at MAC Mid Valley yesterday, Privet was applied and I am pleased to say that it didn’t smudge all day. It’s a beautiful shade and complements my green eye shadow very nicely. MAC Fluidline Pen was designed to draw fine lines with ease.


  1. These new Fluidline pens are worth trying out, I’m stuck for choice between the black and the brown one! Meow, which one should I go for ….. ???

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