L’oreal Paris Revitalift Fit & Lift Stretch Mask


This is one sheet mask I’ve wanted to try for a long, long time – as in a few years but every time I saw it at one of the pharmacies, I could never bring myself to part with RM14.90 when there were so many masks that were available at 1/3 the price. It’s made in China, why would it have to cost RM14,90 even if it has 24ml of serum on the mask? So at the recent L’oreal Friends & Family Sale, I grabbed one for RM5. The lady behind the counter asked me several times if I was sure I only wanted one. The lady next to me had taken five. Yes, I was sure and wouldn’t regret not taking more.

Why was I so keen on trying out this mask? Well, it claims to have a proven effect on anti-wrinkle + firming. I know, one mask won’t make that happen and it is stated on the back of the pack that of 53 women who used the mask twice a week, 100% agreed their face contours are lifted after 4 weeks. That was enough to make me pretty curious about the mask.

Said to be developed to fit perfectly on Asian facial form, the mask was an almost perfect fit for me. The mask could have been a bit thinner as I don’t think it adhered that well to my face. At that kind of normal retail price (for a drugstore brand), perhaps the mask could have covered the neck as well?

The recommended time for usage is 15 minutes. I had it on for 45 minutes just to see when it’d begin to dry up. It was still quite wet after 45 minutes, there was enough to apply to the arms. This felt like most other masks I have tried in the past. The only positive effect I had was that it hydrated my skin leaving it very soft and moist.

There are eye flaps on this mask so you can lie back and relax, have 40 winks while waiting for the ingredients to absorb into skin. I expected the mask to have more of a tightening effect on my skin but then again, I guess I shouldn’t expect fast results with just one mask.