Looks Can Be Deceiving : Shiseido Luminizing Lip Gloss RD404


Prior to the Shiseido Lip Gloss RD404, I’d never tried any lip glosses from Shiseido, ever. I just wasn’t that into Shiseido’s lip glosses, never gave them a chance to impress me much, so to speak.

Then, when I was passed the Luminizing Lip Gloss RD404 to review, I was quite taken aback by the colour. It was such an intense, bright shade of red that I almost fell off my seat the moment I locked eyes on it.

Luminizing Lip Gloss RD404

However, Shiseido being a Japanese brand, I should have known better than to expect what I saw. It wasn’t as scary or as fiery-red as I’d initially thought it’d be on my lips. On its own, it’s really rather sheer and wearable any time of day.

On Its Own
Over Perfect Rouge RD734

Worn on its own, it doesn’t last very long especially after a drink but worn over a lipstick, it does have better staying power. It goes very well with Shiseido’s Perfect Rouge RD734 and both products complement each other very well.

I’ve really got to learn not to judge a lip gloss by its colour as I wouldn’t even have bothered to test the colour of this lip gloss had I seen it at the counters. I’d just have assumed the colour was too strong and unsuitable for me.

The lip gloss has superb moisturing qualities and doesn’t have that sticky texture associated with many lip glosses. With this lip gloss, I even forget that I am wearing gloss, so comfortably moisturing does it feel on my lips.

Shiseido’s Luminizing Lip Gloss (7.5ml/RM95) has made me a convert. This year, I resolve to explore more of Shiseido’s cosmetics as 2010 has been a year of discovery for me as far as their cosmetics are concerned.

Note : The Luminizing Lip Gloss was provided by Shiseido for review.