L’occitane Immortelle Divine Youth Oil



Despite using L’occitane Immortelle Divine Youth Oil since it was launched in July, I have hardly gone through even ¼ of the bottle! It’s quite concentrated and you just need 2-3 drops for each application. This means that the bottle’s going to last for at least half a year at the rate I am going.

First of all, this feels and smells like a truly luxe product, one that is worth every sen of its retail price. I only use it at night as it’s rather too rich for morning use. Skin is immediately softened and hydrated, it seems to enhance the hydration level of skin as my skin never feels dry when I wake up.


You can apply this oil using L’occitane’s recommended method as shown in my earlier post which is what I do sometimes. If I apply a moisturizer only without this oil, my skin doesn’t feel as silky smooth or as hydrated. With the application of this oil, the texture of my skin has improved and it has given a major boost to my skin hydration level.

Product reviewed is a press sample.