L’occitane Arlesienne Collection




L’occitane’s Arlésienne Holiday Collection is inspired by the woman from Arles, Southern France. Famed for her grace and radiant beauty, she is a free spirit that touches the lives of every soul around her. Artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, Mistral and Bizet have made her their muse. She is also the silent, yet markedly absent heroine of a Daudet play, where she is constantly referred to in three acts, but never appears. Despite the years, her allure remains as strong as ever. She represents the essence that all women live to be, even now.

Not many tourists know about the quaintly intimate city of Arles, but during the bullfighting festival and Pégoulade parade, there are people who flock to Arles to experience the excitement first-hand. At Arles, there are always new treasures to discover. With its rich heritage and ancient past, no wonder it is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Even renowned painter Vincent van Gogh lived in Arles during his lifetime, and produced over 300 paintings while staying there.

Eau De Toilette 75ml/RM210 PERMANENT

The Arlésienne fragrance is both elusive and finely-tuned at the same time, with a blend of floral notes, accentuated with spicy Sandalwood and warm Tonka Bean. The head notes bring bursts of colour and joie de vivre, as the Saffron flower in full bloom introduces its sensual, peppery notes. Mandarin Orange adds a bold touch of sparkle. The heart is elegant and feminine, starring the Grasse Rose, enhanced by a few sprigs of Lily of the Valley. The fragrance lingers with a milky base note, with notes of Violet, Sandalwood and Tonka Bean to complete the sensorial experience.

Family : floral

Designed for : women

Colours : lively, radiant, vibrant

Key raw materials

Saffron from Provence, rose from Grasse, violet from Provence

Head notes : saffron – mandarin orange

Heart notes : rose – lily of the valley

Base notes : violet – sandalwood – tonka bean

The Arlésienne EDT bottle is personally created by L’OCCITANE founder Olivier Baussan, featuring a clear glass bottle complemented with tones of rose gold. The engraving found on the back is inspired by the stamps used for fabric printing, and displays the flowers used to create the fragrance. On the box, colourful drawings with rose gold accents pay homage to the beautiful dresses which Arlésienne is famous for, and also the three key ingredients that make up the beautiful scent.

Body Oil 75ml/RM140 PERMANENT

Envelop yourself in a delicate yet sensual veil Specially-formulated to pamper from top to toe; this golden multi-use oil can be applied on the body, hair and even face. Its unique formula and signature Arlésienne fragrance is adapted for delicate facial skin.

Beautifying Powder 9g/RM160 LIMITED EDITION

Illuminate skin with a softly luminous silky veil This ultra-fine shimmering powder contains golden mother of pearls to add a beautiful radiant glow to skin. Housed in an elegant square bottle with a pink vintage pump, spray on bare skin after applying the Beauty Milk for a lasting scent.

Application Tip: Remove the safety pump lid and spray onto the body, the low neckline and hair, in the morning or before going out. If you travel, replace the safety lid on the pump.

Shower Cream 250ml/RM85  PERMANENT

This luxurious shower cream is infused with iridescent pearly particles for a pretty marbled effect. It contains extracts of Rose from Grasse, Sweet Violet and Saffron from Provence to make shower time a blissfully scented experience.

Beauty Milk 250ml/RM122 PERMANENT

Featuring a nourishing yet lightweight formula of 8% Shea Butter and 5% Glycerin, this light pink beauty milk allows you to layer on the Arlésienne fragrance while leaving skin adequately moisturised all day long.

Velvet Hand Cream 30ml/RM39 PERMANENT

The new moisture-rich formula contains a blend of naturally-sourced moisturizing ingredients, including 30% Glycerin. Massage a small amount on to hands throughout the day to keep them protected.

Perfumed Soap 100g/RM20

This pinkish-beige square soap fits snugly into the palm of your hand, and is formulated with an RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) vegetal base, making it a more eco-friendly alternative to conventional soaps.

Solid Perfume 10g/RM45 LIMITED EDITION

Bring Arlésienne with you all day, every day with L’OCCITANE’s classic solid perfume formula. The ultra-compact tin slips discreetly into any handbag or purse, for on-the-go touch-ups.

Apply on pulse points to leave a scented trail.


Gorgeous Lips 12ml/40ml LIMITED EDITION

Featuring a new formula infused with golden mother of pearls, decorate and moisturize lips with this light pink lipgloss. The subtle vanilla aroma, blended with the signature Arlésienne scent, is indeed a delectable treat.

Perfumed Hair Mist 50ml/RM95 LIMITED EDITION

The light and non-sticky formula can be sprayed on dry or damp hair for a refreshing touch during the day. Hydrating ingredients penetrate deep into the hair shaft to keep it shiny and healthy.

Apart from the limited edition single retail products, a Mysterious Arlésienne Gift Set is available at RM375 (worth RM417) and consists of:-

  • Arlésienne EDT 75ml
  • Arlésienne Beauty Milk 250ml
  • Arlésienne Shower Cream 250ml
  • Limited Edition Arlésienne Pouch