Inglot Opens At Sunway Pyramid

Mr. Inglot at Inglot
Just when I thought the beauty scene wouldn’t get more interesting at Sunway Pyramid, I was stopped in my tracks by the boarding announcing that Inglot Cosmetics was going to open soon. This was several weeks ago and admittedly, I didn’t have an inkling about Inglot then. Of course, there is always Google to help enlighten the ignorant.

Now, after spending a good 3 hours at the new Inglot outlet at Sunway Pyramid, I finally understand what all the fuss and brouhaha is about. I’ve never spent that much time at any new cosmetics outlet. The day of the Inglot’s soft launch on 27/5/11, I didn’t step foot outside their door for that 3 hours other than to take photos with and of Mr. Inglot, brother of Mr. Wojtek Inglot, the chemist who established Inglot Cosmetics over 25 years ago.

The outlet is spacious and despite the lunchtime crowd, there was still plenty of room to move around. The products are neatly displayed and organised into categories so it’s easy to zoom in to whatever you are looking for, whether they are eye, face, lip or cheek products. The beauty advisors are helpful and knowledgeable despite this being Day One.
Welcome to a world of colour inside
The choice of colours offered by Inglot, be it for the lips, cheeks or eyes is mind-boggling. The array of colours displayed is startingly vast and seemingly endless. I didn’t know where to start. I just wanted to swatch and photograph every colour but that would have been impossible even if I were to stay till closing time. They’d have to boot me out of there before I was finished.

Now that I have a better understanding of what Inglot is all about, they are well known for their Freedom System whereby you can purchase customized palettes to fill in with eyeshadows, blushers, lip and face colours of your choice. There are pans which you can fill in a blusher together with eyeshadows and even with the palettes, you will be spoilt for choice. There are round and square palettes which can fill in 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 20 products.

It’s crowded
Spacious outlet

The different sized Freedom System palettes had me transfixed for some time. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Whether you are looking for a small, medium, large or extra large palette, it’s all there! The palettes are reasonably priced too as you will see from the list below.

Then there are the different types of foundations, there are cream foundations and mousse foundations. There are 3 types of cream foundations, i.e. Cream Foundation which would suit most skins with medium coverage, YSM Cream Foundation for younger skins and AMC Cream Foundation for more mature skins. I found the Mousse Foundation quite interesting but didn’t try it out on my face.

There are 4 types of concealers and a Corrective Illuminator a la YSL’s Touche Eclat. The Under Eye Concealer and Cream Concealer come in tubes with tiny nozzles so that you can squeeze out minute amounts. These 2 Concealers would be the ones most used by Inglot customers.

Inglot has its own version of Smashbox’s photo finish foundation primer called “Under Makeup Base”. It feels very smooth upon application and apparently, has the function of oil-control so that makeup lasts longer and prevents cakeyness.

Although the variety of eyeshadows was amazeballs, it was the pure pigment eye shadows that made me stop and test them out the longest out of all the products in the shop. I loved the gorgeous pigments and out-of-this-world colours, stunning would be an understatement to describe them.

A discovery was made in the process of examining the eyeshadows. Duraline is a special liquid which turns powder eyeshadows and pigments into liquid formulation and this can be used as an eyeliner. It is very economical as just one drop is sufficient. There is a dropper to enable precise dispensation. When I tried it with one of the pigments (see above pic), it turned the pigment into a more intense and brighter colour.

There are so many products in Inglot that it’d take me far longer than this to describe each one. The gel eye liners came in so many impressive colours. The lip colour selection was totally huge and it would be difficult for anyone to settle on just one lip colour given the choices available. I had to drag myself away otherwise I would have ended up with an Inglot lip duo, for sure!

The following are some of the prices of certain products instore which I gleaned from my walkabout. It’s only meant to be a guide and I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the prices as they were jotted down in between the Base Makeup demo by Inglot’s Makeup Trainer, Francisca Ackland (more on the demo later as it’d be too much to have the details here).

(1) 4 pan blusher square RM43

(2) 2 pan eyeshadow square RM16

(3) 3 pan eyeshadow square RM22

(4) 5 pan eyeshadow square/round RM32

(6) 10 pan eyeshadow square/round RM43

(7) blusher + 3 pan eyeshadow square RM43

(8) 5 x 4 eyeshadow square RM65

(9) Pigments 2g/RM62

(10) AMC eyeshadow shine 2.4g/RM48

(11) Eye liner gel 100% waterproof and smudgeproof RM48

(12) Cream foundation RM76

(13) Highlighters RM76

(14) Perfect Concealer Stick RM46

(15) YSM Cream Foundation RM64

(16) Mousse Foundation RM62

(17) Cream Concealer RM56

(18) Cream Powder RM68

(19) YSM Pressed Powder RM64

(20) Pressed Powder RM70

(21) Loose Powder 30g/RM88

(22) Translucent Loose Powder 1.5g/RM56

(23) AMC Pressed Powder 9g/RM76

(24) Bronzing Powder 10g/RM86

(25) Multicolour System Highlighting Powder 9g/RM88

(26) Face Blush 4g/RM50

(27) Cream Blush 5.5g/RM56

(28) Liquid Face Blush RM62

(29) Lip Pencils RM38

(30) Inglot Lip Duo RM56

(31) Duraline RM38

(32) 6pc Travel Brush Set RM110 (black/red case)

This weekend, Francisca will be at Inglot so it’s a good opportunity to have a chat with her and find out more about Inglot. Do check out the cute travel brush sets on their shelves at the cashier’s. They contain synthetic as well as animal hair brushes. Inglot has something for every beauty addict, from nail polish to all sorts of makeup brushes, Inglot has it all.

This beauty addict will be back for a 2nd visit soon. With Inglot, one visit is simply not enough.


  1. Oh thank you very much for this post! I am going to KL this 17th and I am definitely excited to visit Inglot other than going to Sunway Lagoon! Thanks for the price! It makes me prepare my budget well!

    Love your blog! Love from Singapore!

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