Haritha Shan Interview : Khoon Hooi Spring/Summer 2013


Going backstage prior to fashion shows is always fascinating as I get a privileged peek into the hustle and bustle that goes on and witness the preparations of the models and stylists. It’s a lot of hard work especially for the makeup artists from MAC Cosmetics at Khoon Hooi’s Spring/Summer 2013 Show a few days ago. Their call time was 9.30 am. Okay, it’s not that early but I can see they have to work feverishly from the time they get to the venue. At Khoon Hooi’s Spring/Summer 2013 Show, there were 6 MAC Artists working on 20 female models including the very tall, elegant and definitely someone who deserves the “supermodel” tag, our very own Gwen Lu who has achieved international success. Haritha Shan answers questions about the make-up look for the Show in between doing the make-up for Gwen.

What are the major makeup colour themes for Khoon Hooi’s Spring/Summer 2013 Show?

There’s lots of browns. The designer’s inspiration is spring so we want to keep it fresh and lively. Skin is kept real to enhance that look. We use a combination of Strobe Cream and Moisture Infusion. We use the PRO product, Face and Body Foundation (soon to be in the permanent range). Blending of eyes is also kept natural.

What are some of the products used for the Show?

We used Paint Pot in Constructive and blended all over the eyes, In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara (available next year), Sculpting Cream (a PRO product) on cheeks and Japanese Maple Cremesheen Lipstick.

This is the 1st time MAC is putting on nail polish for models (we used Endless Night from the Glamour Daze Collection).

How does the look for the Show reflect any of the Spring/Summer 2013 make-up trends?

I’ve just come back from Milan Fashion Week. For Spring/Summer 2013, make-up is kept as natural as possible. Skin should look fresh and glowing with minimal powder which is why we use just a few products here. Brows are natural and we don’t apply eye liners.

How would you go about ensuring that the make-up lasts throughout the Show?

It’s in the technique of pick-up of the products and blending. There’s hardly anything on the models’ skin, we cover-up small blemishes if they don’t need foundation.


What is the process like in coming up with looks for the Show?

We come together for a test a few days before the actual show to discuss the inspiration with the designer and hair stylists. We did this 5 days before the show but at international shows, we normally do this 2 days before the show.

Would you say that the look for this Show can be worn by anyone?

This is an uncomplicated, fuss-free look so anyone can achieve the look.


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