From Hakuhodo To Koyudo Brushes



I have to thank Coral for letting me know that Koyudo brushes are back in town at the Hiroshima Fair, AEON Supermarket at One Utama from now till 26h May. Since I had an appointment at One Utama this morning, I dropped by to have a look. Perhaps Koyudo is not as well known as Hakuhodo but the quality of their brushes is superb. You just have to feel them against your skin to know that these are way above average brushes.

Koyudo was established in 1979 and is located in Kumano Cho Hiroshima prefecture Japan, same as Hakuhodo.  Over 100 brush companies exist in Kumano producing over 80% of brushes made in Japan. Koyudo is one of the leading calligraphy and makeup brush makers in Kumano, producing over 100 000 brushes each year.




I have never seen a nose washing brush before. Yes they are for sticking up inside your nose and giving the hair a good clean, I suppose. Apparently no takers for this brush yet. Definitely NOT to be shared with anyone, thank you very much!


They have brought back the lovely pink heart shaped face washing brush which is so super soft.


Then there’s also an equally beautiful face washing brush with a pink handle, how to resist?


Look at how dense the bristles are on the Powder & Liquid Brush. It’s killing me not to get one but there’re still a few more days.


This eyeshadow brush is only RM42 which is reasonable for a top notch quality brush.





A quick demo with the foundation brush which produces excellent results.


  1. For those who didn’t manage to catch Hakuhodo @ the IBE this year, Koyudo would also be a good alternative to go for.

    I think in general Japanese hand made brushes are of a higher standard due to their fine craftsmen who have turned brush making into an art.

    Meow, I think I may need one of those nose cleaning brushes!

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