Food Tasting @ Seri Pacific Hotel


A few weeks ago, I was invited for a food tasting at Seri Pacific Hotel. The menu is for a special event this month of which Seri Pacific is the official hotel. It’s a 4 course menu and these are some of the items I sampled (there are other options on the menu).


Chili Marinated Smoked Salmon with Crab Meat Coriander Mayonnaise and Salmon Roe

There wasn’t much chili taste and I found it a bit odd and out of place to have 2 onion rings on top of the salmon. I liked the mayonnaise with the smoked salmon but not the asparagus which was slightly overcooked.

lentil soup

Curried Lentil Cream with Lobster Wantan 

This looked and tasted like dahl and so like the typical Malaysians that we are 🙂 all of us wished there was some bread or roti canai to dip into the soup. I didn’t think this soup was that special, it’s something I can get (in a more watered down version perhaps) at any Indian restaurant and yes, some roti canai would have been nice to dip into the soup. I would have given this a pass for another type of soup.

sea bass

Lemon Grass Crusted Cod Fillet on Green Soya Bean Puree Baby Kailan and Curry Cream Sauce

This was my favourite dish on the menu as the fish was cooked perfectly but the soba underneath the fish fillet could have been less oily and the kalian was overcooked.


Jackfruit Spring Roll with Durian Walnut Parfait and Orange Sauce

If you like jackfruit, this is really delicious as there’s creamy jackfruit in the spring rolls. This is the dish with the most creative and colourful presentation but the grapes could have been more purple for more visual attractiveness.

This is only a sampling and after feedback from the guests, the hotel will improve on the quality and presentation of the items on the menu. I’d just like to see the soup changed to something else like a seafood chowder or wild mushroom. The syrup drinks were too thick and sweet, could be watered down a bit as overly sweet drinks don’t go too well with such dishes.

Note : This is a specially customized menu for The Royal Arts Gala on January 25th 2014.