Estee Lauder’s Holiday Compact Collection 2010 : “A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever”


At the end of November, Estee Lauder held a preview for registered customers who were interested in purchasing pieces from their latest Holiday Compact Collection. As I walked into Estee Lauder’s Salon and set my eyes on their Holiday Compact Collection 2010, the opening lines of John Keat’s “A thing of beauty is a joy forever (Endymion)” poem resonated in my mind:-

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:

Its loveliness increases…..”

Clockwise from Top L Wise Owe Owl, White Linen Jeweled Sea Turtle, Sensuous Purple Hbiscus, Youth Dew Timeless Cameo

Every single piece of the limited edition solid perfume and powder compacts was breathtakingly exquisite, unique and stunning. “Aesthetically pleasing” would be an understatement, they were more like “exceedingly exceptional”. These are the kind of art pieces you’d buy and leave to your daughters and grand-daughters, definitely family heirlooms to pass from one generation to the next.

Top L Pleasures Harrods Christmas Bear

Estee Lauder’s first pressed powder compact was created way back in 1963 and ever since then, they have produced an annual edition of collectable compacts. In 1967, Estee Lauder produced the first solid perfume compact, Youth-Dew Boutique Oval Compact. Over the years, there have been hundreds of designs inspired by fashion, art, history, nature and the fragrances themselves.

Top L Pleasures Golden Bird, Bottom Pleasures Playful Squirrel
Interior of After Hours Powder Compact

This year, the collectibles are themed around the beauty of nature which is why you’ll find flora and fauna such as a jewelled sea turtle, gilded birds and exotic hibiscus and orchid designs. There are several pieces created by American designer, Jay Strongwater and they incorporate his signature stone and enamel work. The featured fragrances this season are Beautiful, Pleasures, Sensuous, White Linen & Youth-Dew. Powder compacts feature the popular Lucidity Translucent Pressed Powder.

Swarovski(TM) crystals are used to fashion some of the pieces and they enhance further the beauty of the handcrafted compacts.While the solid perfume compacts aren’t refillable, the powder compacts are. I have an After Hours gold powder compact which was purchased in the US nearly two decades ago. While it’s not as elaborate or as gasp-inducing as any of the compacts in this season’s collection, I cherish it all the same as it’s just as lovely in its simplicity. It’s hardly aged much in spite of its years and with a bit of polish, it could even look as good as new.

Top Row Powder Compacts

These limited edition handcrafted collectables are available exclusively at the Estee Lauder counter in Isetan KLCC. Prices range from RM280 to RM1600. For more details, call 03-23820600.


  1. I have only recently seen the Estee Lauder holiday compact collection for 2011 and I must say I certainly love it. Was thinking about purchasing one but I am not sure if the quality will last two decades or more like your gold powder compact did. I think it would be nice to get at least one every year to keep as family heirlooms.

    • Yes, the 2011 Collection is very beautiful and tempting. One of my friends also bought one a few years ago, they are even harder to resist once you see them in person. My gold powder compact is plain compared to the designs these days. For those who have daughters, these are certainly good to buy and pass on to as they will have much sentimental value.