Estee Lauder’s ANR Roadshow & The Hottest Ticket In Town


Today is the 3rd day of Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Roadshow at Mid Valley’s Centre Court (ends 6th May), the same event will be held at Penang’s Queensbay Mall later this month. You can get complimentary skin analysis and make-up touch-ups at this event.

Estee Lauder’s Mother’s Day skincare sets are now available – Hydration Set with full-sized Hydrationist (RM230), Anti-Wrinkle Set with full-sized Time Zone (RM300) and Firming Set with full-sized Resilience Lift (RM350).

Hydration Set

Anti-Wrinkle Set

Firming Set

Now I can finally confirm something I have known about for weeks, that the Mother of all sales, the one worth waking up at midnight for, the one worth staying up all night for, the one everyone has been waiting for with anticipation and bated breath, the one worth saving up all year for, the one and only Suria Meriang Sdn Bhd sale is on 27th May. I just managed to get 2 tickets today and that’s all I have so I’ll be counting the days like everyone else.

I can almost feel the adrenalin rush from rushing in going on a mad shopping spree and I am going to enjoy this one as I understand there won’t be another one to look forward to. Awwww!


  1. I asked for a ticket from my friend who’s working at MAC hehe. What time do you suggest we be there? I saw from past sales there’s people who go there by 3am!

    • 3am isn’t the earliest. Some people will be there between midnight and 1am. If you need your beauty sleep, I suggest being there between 5-6am. If you don’t need any sleep, anything goes. I think that if you want to get the Bobbi Brown products, you’d need to be in the door within the 1st 5 minutes.

    • I was there at 2am during the last sale, and I wasn’t the first! About 7 other ladies were already there. even then, Bobbi Brown got cleared in a blink =/

      If you don’t have particular items you want to get, then going at 5am would be ok, you should be in the first or second batch let in.

    • 5am! Zzzzzzzz! Yeah, you really have to be the 1st or 2nd batch in to get the BB products as they don’t have that many. Are you going for this one?

  2. LOL. The midnight one is too hardcore. Not eyeing on Bobbi Brown. More to Estee Lauder and Mac or Origins if they’re there :). I planned to be there by 6am. No need to wait too long to 8am.

    What time you’re going? 🙂

    • Yes, all the brands you mentioned will be there. MAC will have a lot of eye shadows and products from past collections. Me too, I will be there at 6am. Hope to see you there.

  3. Hi Juniper

    Just want to check with you, was there any Suria Meriang/Estee Lauder warehouse sale for the year 2011/last year? Thanks 🙂

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