Effective Exfoliating From Artistry Time Defiance Skin Refinishing Lotion


Artistry’s Time Defiance skincare range is an anti-aging line, formulated to address all the signs of aging such as dryness, lack of firmness, loss of elasticity, dull looking complexion, visible lines and wrinkles and so on.

As someone who is advancing in age, I’m always interested in new anti-aging skincare products. Whatever helps delay aging, I’m all for it. Time cannot be stopped but I am constantly on the quest for any skincare products that can make me look younger than my actual age.

When I was a lot younger, I omitted using a scrub on my face. I guess I never thought it necessary to exfoliate since I didn’t seem to have that many issues with my skin. However, being older should mean getting wiser and in time, I realised the importance of exfoliating, most of all so that dead skin cells could be removed and to speed up skin cell renewal.

These days, I enjoy the exfoliation process, be it on my face or body. Having smooth skin is a great feeling. I may not be able to reverse my age but I sure am going to try my utmost to maintain smooth skin for as long as possible.

As an alternative to using a scrub on the face (which may lead to skin inflammation especially on more sensitive skins), Artistry has come out with the Time Defiance Skin Refinishing Lotion for gentle exfoliation. This is one exfoliator which can even be used on the eye area without causing me irritation.

The Skin Refinishing Lotion contains oat extract which is a non-acid exfoliant as well as sugar and algae derivatives. It claims to increase cell turnover, improve skin texture/tone and reduce the appearance of pores/fine lines.

Applying it twice a day over my face and throat, I normally need 2 pumps. It’s lightweight like most serums and should be applied after toner and before serum or moisturiser if you don’t use any serum.

Easily absorbed and having a light scent which I find rather pleasant, skin feels as if powder has been dusted on. It’s very smooth once the lotion has been completely absorbed. I warm it up between my palms before spreading it all over my face and neck.

Overall, I think that it’s an excellent exfoliator as it minimises my pores, not that I have such big pores to begin. It’s probably ideal for oily skins which have bigger pores and thanks to its non-sticky nor thick texture, it is not likely to cause any problems for people with oily skins but that’s just my opinion and I can’t say for sure since I don’t have oily skin.

For people with dry skins, it provides a base for layering on other skincare products. When I apply serum and moisturiser after this lotion, my skin feels super soft. It’s 30ml and retails at RM183. Check it out at the Amway “True Science, True Beauty” event at MidValley Exhibition Centre from 1-3 April.

Note : The product was provided by Amway for review.


  1. Hi,
    I’m using Amway Artistry Skin Refinishing Lotion for past 1 week. I’ve got some comments that regular use of the cream will burn my skin and people adviced not to use it. Is there any chance of such adverse effects? Kindly reply.

    • Hi

      I haven’t heard of such effects myself but some people with sensitive skins may have reactions to certain products. If you have already been using for some time with no adverse effect, then the product should be suitable for you.

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