Dr. Sharon Gopalan Presents A Talk On Sensitive Skin


dsc_6291During the introduction of Antabax’s Sensitive Range yesterday afternoon, dermatologist Dr. Sharon Gopalan presented the do’s and don’t’s for sensitive skin. As she informed us, there are 3 levels of sensitive skin ranging from mild, moderate to severe. While those with mild sensitive skin may experience tingling, tightness or random reactiveness, those with severe sensitive skin may experience stinging, burning, itchiness and immediate reactiveness in addition to tightness.

Dr. Sharon Gopalan showed us the do’s and don’t’s for sensitive skin:



dsc_6301dsc_6302dsc_6303I think that the hardest “don’t” would be to stay away from junk/fast food as such food i8s available everywhere and some of it is rather tempting/delicious. Although I don’t have sensitive skin, I am glad Antabax has come up with a Sensitive Skin range as we can do away with harmful chemical agents or ingredients that are not good for our skin and well-being.