Dior Cuir Cannage 796 Eyeshadow Palette



With 11 new Dior Eyeshadow Palettes, there’s a palette that will appeal to everyone, whether they like blues, greens, neutrals or violets but the palette I really wanted to try is Candy Choc 676 which is only available in Europe/Middle East/Japan/China/Latin America/USA/Canada. There’s a teal shade in that palette that is calling out to me. Oh, if only it was available here!

Anyway, I have Cuir Cannage 796 which has a combination of light, medium and dark earthy tones. There’s beige for highlighting, mahogany for a day look and plum for an evening look. Dior has placed the shadows strategically for easy usage as they recommend the top 3 shadows (including middle shade) for a natural look and the bottom 3 (including middle shade) for a sophisticated look. Of course, nothing is written in stone and you can blend all 5 shades together, it’s all up to your creativity and imagination. That’s why 5 shadow palettes are so fun to use. Other than the middle shade which is matte, the rest have satin/metallic finishes.

dior cuir

dior cuir cannage shadows

1. champagne beige

2. plum brown

3. light beige

4. dark plum brown

5. medium toned brown

dior cuir cannage



I don’t use the application and blending tools in the palette, they’re ok if you are travelling and didn’t bring your brushes but if you are at home, it’s much better to use proper brushes of course. None of the shadows feel powdery and they swatched very well, It’s easy to apply them, they are smooth and blend nicely.

Actually I used all 5 shadows in the images above. I used the darkest shade as a liner but I don’t think they sit very well on my lids as there were smudges under my eyes and I had to wipe them off in the washroom before an event started. I did use an eye primer under the shadows but the shadows still migrated.

Dior Cuir Cannage 796 Eyeshadow Palette retails at RM225/6g.

Product reviewed has been provided by Dior Malaysia.