Dashing Diva Magic Press For Stick-On Gel Nails That Stay Chip-Free For Up To 7 Days


dsc_6314Applying a gel polish on nails is the way to go if you want the polish to stay chip-free. It is too time-consuming and troublesome to keep re-applying every other day. I dislike having to wait for the polish to dry as I tend to get the carefully painted nail polish smudged before it is completely dry. Enter Dashing Diva Magic Press which I saw at Watsons yesterday.

dsc_6317These are super thin and flexible press-on gel nails that stay shiny and chip-free for up to 7 days. There are so many designs to choose from and you have a choice of matte or shiny finish with bejewelled, metallic, glitter, stones and studs accents.