Cube Crate June Box : Better Late Than Never


This afternoon just before lunch time, I received a call from Pos Laju informing me that I had yet to collect a box and they had kept the box for 14 days so if I didn’t go and get it, they’d return it to sender. I had a feeling it was my Cube Crate June Box which I didn’t receive last month. I didn’t receive any notification from Pos Laju to collect it so I had to take down the reference number.

Anyway, it’s better late than never and Cube Crate June Box contains a sample sachet of White Formula 5 in 1 Intense Brightening Toner, Snackables Superfood Granola and a glass bottle of After Peel Energy Banana Juice (no wonder the box felt heavy).

After Peel Energy Banana Juice is rather interesting, can’t say I have ever had banana juice before. To prevent oxidation and to aid in digestion and preservation, After Peel cooks the bananas at 100C in a mixture of vinegar and sugar.