Chu Lip Is One Cute Lip Balm


chulipWhile browsing at Watsons KLCC, I noticed some tourists looking at some dome-shaped lip balms. There are 4 variants of Chu Lip from Rohto Mentholatum and they are made in Japan. These sphere shaped lip balms have the shape of a lip in front and the wide surface allows maximum coverage on lips.

There are four variants of Chu Lip Lip Balm

1. Raspberry, peach, vanilla

2. Apple, ginger and tea rose

3. Rose, geranium and clove

4. Orange, lime and mango


I have never seen a lip balm in this shape so I bought the green one which is the orange, lime and mango. There’s only a mild citrus scent, it feels minty on lips because it contains mentholatum. I don’t find it hydrating enough even though it has olive oil, macadamia nut oil and rose hip oil.

It’s cute and compact but I won’t be repurchasing because I need something more hydrating for my lips.

Retails at RM20.70 at Watsons and RM20.50 at Guardian/7g.


    • Never try never know ma…hahaha…too bad it doesn’t work. I would stick to my fav Burt’s Bees Lip Balm for that price.

  1. I saw these last week at Watson and I was thinking to myself that they look like cute eggs. I was imagining that a little chick will come out of it if I would to open it!