Celmonze “Slim To Win” Contest


chris tong

Miss Chris Tong

For 11 years, Celmonze have made it their business to bring hope and beauty to women through its brand of facial treatments and skincare products from France. In a move to further reaffirm women of their worth, Celmonze launches “Phenomenal Woman”, a 3-Step Body Contour System created to restore total wellness from inside out.

Celmonze defines a phenomenal woman as someone who exudes a beauty that radiates with confidence. She is respected and successful in her own right too. However, Celmonze understands that busy schedules and hectic lifestyles means less time for maintenance of one’s figure. This is where the 3-Step Body Contour System comes in.

More than a slimming programme, Celmonze’s 3-Step Body Contour System is a holistic therapy designed to elevate one’s health and body back to top form. Consisting of the ‘Shape Up’ spa wellness program, ‘Slim Up’ anti-cellulite treatment and ‘Firm Up’ body firming system, this 3-Step Body Contour System decreases body fat, increases muscle mass, decongests and detoxifies while stimulating collagen and elastin production.


Celmonze slimming products

Celmonze opines that losing weight drastically in a short period of time is not feasible as this short-term weight loss might lead to long-term health problems. It believes that the key to a lasting and wholesome weight loss result is through one’s health. The idea is to achieve revitalized energy and vitality, and a positive self-image by restoring the phenomenal curves of a woman.

To encourage women out there to take that step to unleash their shapeliest potential, and as a token of appreciation to all Celmonze customers for many years of support, the Celmonze Slim to Win contest was unveiled. The contest is given an extra boost with the appointment of Winner of Miss Chinese Cosmo Malaysia 2006 pageant and actress, Miss Chris Tong, as contest spokesperson.

At the launch of Celmonze “Phenomenal Woman”, a 3-Step Body Contour System, Chris shared her slimming experiences with the media. She is by no means anywhere near obese but she was told to lose some weight while filming in Hong Kong. She has had slimming sessions with companies other than Celmonze before but never felt comfortable during those sessions. She stated that she enjoys the Celmonze massages during the slimming sessions.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage will be available to all customers at a very attractive, one-time-only price of RM4,800 (Retail price: RM15,760). Each customer who signs up for the package will automatically be entitled to take part in the Slim to win contest.

The Slim to Win contest is an incentive based contest that rewards the person who sheds the most weight and inches through a combination of 20-sessions of Celmonze Slimming Treatment, a healthy diet and active lifestyle. To gauge each contestant’s progress, they will be weighed and measured at the beginning and end of their slimming journey.