Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer Mint The Gap



If you have a look at Catrice. you may find yourself standing there for half an hour wondering what to pick up as they have so much variety and shades. I wanted to get more nail lacquer than this bottle of Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer Mint The Gap but I thought it wise to get one bottle first to test the quality.

Mint The Gap is a lovely shimmery shade of green with hints of blue. It’s rather sheer so one or two coats won’t be enough. I layer on 4 coats but it takes forever to dry. One hour later, the surface is still soft but the effect is quite nice even without a top coat.


I can’t say that it is so long-lasting, starts chipping within a day or two since I do so much typing. It’s easy to remove. Still, for RM14.30/10ml it was worth a try.


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