Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara



There are mascaras which can provide a sultry and smokey eye look even when your eyeshadow isn’t exactly smokey. I’m sure that what most of us want out of our mascaras is non-clumping, lengthening, volumising and non-smudging. Those are the most important and essential mascara features for me anyway. Of course it’s a bonus if the mascara is super black and enhances my lashes with the intensity of colour.

Bobbi Brown has introduced the Smokey Eye Mascara (available 15th Oct), a super-saturated kajal pigmented mascara for accentuating eyes with more depth and intensity. The brush is made up of two parts, the cylindrical area and the conical/tapered tip, each with its own unique function. The cylindrical area is able to grab and comb through the lashes while the small tapered tip reaches even the shortest and hardest to reach lashes. This combination allows the mascara to be properly distributed so that with every stroke, lashes have maximum contact with the mascara thus guaranteeing a dramatic look.


My increasingly short and sparse lashes are evidently a lot more visible and apparent once the mascara has been swiped a few times through my lashes. The design of the brush enables even the smallest of my lashes to receive a good coating of the formula resulting in seriously dark lashes. I can see just how pigmented this mascara is, darker than most other mascaras I have reviewed before this.

It didn’t clump my lashes like some mascaras which also promise a dramatic look (I can think of one I tried from Sasa!). The Smokey Eye Mascara is unique because it provides separation and volume to each lash with its formulation of a natural blend of gums, waxes and oils, such as chicory root extract and acacia gum. The natural blend is combined with powders to create a creamy texture making it possible to achieve buildable results. I could apply a few layers without my lashes clumping.

There’s lengthening and volumising results albeit not exactly what I would call “dramatic”. It did smudge a bit after a few hours of wear. For me, the best feature of this mascara is how dark it is. The colour really made my lashes stand out.

To complement the Smokey Eye Mascara (RM105), the dual-ended Smokey Eye Kajal Liner (RM90) will also be available in mid-Oct. The Smokey Eye Kajal Liner has a highly pigmented formula and can be used along the inner rim of the eye.

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara has been provided by Bobbi Brown Malaysia for review.