Being Disinvited



Another week, another bad experience in Bloggerland for me anyway. Just when I thought I had seen it all, something comes up which makes me seriously wonder whether it’s just me who has to take all this in my stride.

An invitation came via email a week ago to attend the launch of a new brand. I accepted but today, the invitation was abruptly retracted because the person who invited just found out from her colleague that the brand had appointed an agency to invite bloggers and only bloggers on THEIR list would be invited.

I don’t know if this is adding more salt to the wound but I was sent information on the brand and products along with the email to retract the invitation and informed that I was welcome to visit the store the day after the media event when it’d be open to the public. I would love to give this brand coverage and introduce it to all of you but how would you feel if you were in my position?

Oh well, no doubt you will soon be reading about this new brand in more esteemed and privileged bloggers’ blogs. Try as I might, I doubt I will ever be on the “A” list. Maybe it’s really time to think about retiring this blog which doesn’t seem to get anyone’s attention.

Being disinvited is rather mortifying and embarrassing and I think it only happens to me.


  1. That is so unprofessional to found out from “a colleague”, and not from her superior…

    Anyhow, just follow your heart and do what pleases you. Continue this blog or take a break for yourself and no one else. I’ll be here reading if you decide to share more goodies with us, be it a review or rant.

    Here’s a Big hug from Bugs ^_^

  2. oh please don’t even think of retiring…to b honest I started reading blogs after reading ur articles and trust me they are very well written and informative
    Quite weird they invited and then took it bk

  3. Sorry to hear such sad stories from your side too. I have fair shares from being ‘treated’ like a trash. Well, don’t have to close your blog just because of that one brand. I just find that it is not really an excuse to retract your invitation.
    I am sure there are brands out there that treated you better than this. After all, you are a diamond Juniper! Keep on being brave! Will always be your readers!

  4. Ermm, this is the company’s problem, not your problem. It is quite demotivating but it is ok! There are many other brands that treat you well! Jiayou! 🙂

  5. Visit the store the day after the media event? Salute to them for being able to say this so casually without thinking how it would hurt you, unprofessional! Hang in there Juniper, this is really hurtful but don’t get defeated! See, there’re so many readers backing you up hehe!

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