Artistry Time Defiance Skincare System

L to R – Cleansing Treatment, Conditioning Toner, Day Protect Creme SPF15/PA+++

Artistry’s Time Defiance skincare range is basically an anti-aging range which focuses on energising, repairing and regenerating cells with their Derma Cell Exchange concept. There are many products within this range but this review is only about their basic skincare, cleansing, toning and moisturising.

The 3 basic skincare products are available in a box set priced at RM421 which is the total cost of all 3 products. There are no extra freebies included in the box set. I guess you’d purchase the products in a box set if you were giving it as a gift to someone as it’d be easier to gift wrap.

These are the 3 Time Defiance basic skincare products:-

(1) Cleansing Treatment (125ml/RM129)

According to the product description, it’s “formulated with an innovative Moisture Delivery System that repairs dryness and restores moisture balance for renewed skin comfort. It increases hydration by 19% in just one use.” I can’t verify the percentage of hydration increase but I can say that I like this cleanser a lot because:-

(a) a small amount produces a lot of foam and it lathers up much better than other foaming cleansers I’ve used recently,

(b) although scented, I find it tolerable and quite nice, and

(c) it really does a decent job of removing makeup (not eye makeup) without stripping my skin of moisture.

It’s a pity it comes in only one size and there are no travel sizes because this is one cleanser I wouldn’t mind restocking once it finishes. However, with my current collection of cleansers (not to mention other products), a 125ml tube takes a long time to finish.

(2) Conditioning Toner (250ml/RM129)

This toner has quite a strong scent and I’d have preferred the scent to be toned down a bit. The bottle is big and it’d take me ages to finish were it not for the fact that I have been using it on several occasions for DIY masks. Even with so much going into my DIY masks, it’s just half-empty. If I were to use it everyday just on cotton pads after cleansing, it’s probably take a year to use up.

In a way, you could say it’s value-for-money since you can get so much mileage out of it. On the other hand, what if you wanted to just try it out and then decided you didn’t like the scent? You’d be stuck with it for a long, long time. It feels cooling when it’s absorbed into my DIY sheet masks and placed over the Moisture Intense Masque. I use it this way once or twice a week.

Day Protect Creme SPF15/PA+++

(3) Day Protect Creme SPF15/PA+++ (50g/RM163)

This day moisturiser contains UVA/UVB SPF15/PA+++ protection and is described as a “richly textured creme” for dry skins. It’s a thick beige coloured cream which looks heavy and feels even heavier than it looks. I have only used it a few times, not as often as the 2 other products above as I’m not a big fan of heavy textured moisturisers even if I do have dry skin.

It comes with a spatula so that you don’t have to dip your fingers inside. Lightly scented, it would probably suit more mature skins than mine. The sunscreen protection is too low for me and I do apply a higher sunscreen over this moisturiser but actually, when I use this moisturiser, it feels so heavy that I don’t feel like putting on anything else after it which explains why I have used it on few occasions.

I think that my skin would have been happier with the Day Protect Lotion SPF15/PA+++ even if that’s meant for oily skins. The lotion is much more lightweight and these days, I prefer using lighter texture moisturisers.

Overall Comments

Out of the 3 products, I can safely say that my favourite is the Cleansing Treatment, the amount of foam produced is indeed luxurious and that’s only by hand. If I were to use a Facial Net or Facial Brush, I am sure a lot more foam can be produced. The Conditioning Toner is fine if you can tolerate the scent but it isn’t something I would want to restock. I guess I can tolerate strong scents in cleansers more than in toners. As for the Day Protect Creme, it was my least favourite of the 3 products, due in large part to the heavy texture.

Note : The products were provided for review during the launch of Time Defiance Skin Refinishing Lotion.